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 Property Search (www.collincad.org)
       How do I remove my personal information from your Property Search?
       What are this site's minimum browser requirements?
       What should I do if I can't figure out how one of the site's features is supposed to work?
       Why does this site look different when I print it?
 Homestead Exemption FAQs
       What is "HS Cap"?
       Is it true that once I become 65 years of age, I will not have to pay any more taxes?
       Is the disabled veteran's exemption the same as the disabled person's exemption?
       What is a residential homestead exemption?
       If I temporarily move away, may I continue to receive the residence homestead exemption on my home?
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       What the difference between "Appraisal" and "Mass Appraisal"?
       What is an "Improvement"?
 General FAQs
       What is the Collin Central Appraisal District's role in the tax system?
       How can I change my mailing address? Can you change my mailing address by phone?
       My house was not finished on January 1, how do you appraise it?
       What kinds of property are taxable?
       How did the Collin Central Appraisal District arrive at my value?
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 Agricultural Use FAQs
       What land qualifies for agriculture appraisal?
       What happens if land receiving an agricultural appraisal changes to a non-agricultural use?
 Business Personal Property (BPP) FAQs
       I own my own tools and equipment, but use them in my business. Are these items taxable?
       What is Dealer's Special Inventory tax?
       What happens if I don't file a rendition for my business?
       Can my vehicle that I use for personal and business be exempt?
       If all my business personal property has already been depreciated out according to Federal Income Tax Laws, is my business still taxable?
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 Notice of Appraised Value – FAQs
       What if I cannot make the hearing?
       What happens once the district receives my formal protest?
       How do I file a formal protest?
       What if I don't agree with the appraised value or have questions?
       What qualifications must an individual meet to serve on the ARB?
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